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Everyone knows that butterbeer is one of the most popular drinks in the entire Harry Potter series. Now, fans won't have to travel to theme parks just to get a taste of the magical drink. A butterbeer bar now resides in New York's Flatiron District. At 935 Broadway, just a block and a half away from Madison Square Park, guests can enjoy the.

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In a mixing bowl, combine 1/4 cup heavy whipping cream and 1 ounce butterscotch sundae topping or butterscotch syrup. Using a hand mixer, whip until soft peaks form. Alternatively, you can also hand-whisk the ingredients until whipped cream forms. However, if available, the easiest option may be to put the heavy cream and butterscotch topping.

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This is the world's first BUTTERBEER BAR, located in the Harry Potter Store in New York. The place to go when you crave for some butterbeer outside of the Wi.

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The best part of it all, though, might be the news that a Butterbeer bar is set to open. "Once inside the Butterbeer Bar, fans will be greeted by a giant cascade of glowing Butterbeer bottles.

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1. Butterbeer Ice Cream. A generous twist of creamy soft-serve (complete with flavor burst, just to make it all extra-Instagrammable) that tastes something like butterscotch and toasted.

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Did you know that the FIRST EVER Butterbeer Bar was opened in New York City within the Harry Potter Store? Join me as we try all of the treats from ice cream.

Butterbeer Bar Harry Potter New York

There is more than one way to enjoy delicious Butterbeer at our special bar. Visitors to Harry Potter New York can enjoy a foaming cup of this popular wizarding drink in the store's magnificent Butterbeer Bar. Choose from draft Butterbeer, bottled Butterbeer and even Butterbeer ice cream. Enjoy your Butterbeer underneath a giant cascade of.

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The Butterbeer Bar is located inside the massive "Harry Potter" store that's opening in Manhattan next month. The three-story building is the largest store dedicated to the franchise, and it will.

A Harry Potterthemed Butterbeer bar is set to open in New York

For the first time ever, Warner Bros' official Butterbeer will be available at the only official Harry Potter flagship store in the world at their enchanting new "Butterbeer Bar." Like the store the bar will opened June 3, and you'll be not only able to enjoy the Butterbeer soft drink on draft, but also in ice cream or bottled form.

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Once inside the Butterbeer Bar, fans will be greeted by a giant cascade of glowing Butterbeer bottles, each completed with a collectible MinaLima label. Nearly 1,000 bottles will rise from the floor and 'float' over the bar as Butterbeer moves magically across the ceiling through copper pipes. Witches, wizards, Muggles and No-maj's alike.

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This mini replica of a Hogsmeade barrel from the Harry Potter books and movies is an official gift tin filled with creamy Butterbeer-flavored chewy candies. Each tasty candy is shaped like a traditional Butterbeer glass and is infused with sweet butterscotch-like flavor. A collectible keepsake tin of treats for Harry Potter fans, it's a perfect.

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Harry Potter™ Butterbeer™ Milk Chocolate Bar - 1.87 oz. SKU: 94192. The Harry Potter™ Butterbeer™ Milk Chocolate Bar is a decadent milk chocolate bar complete with a smooth and creamy Butterbeer-flavored filling. Detailed Butterbeer barrel-shapes are formed on each of the chocolate bar's six squares. More Info.

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The company says nearly 1,000 bottles will rise from the floor and "float over the bar as Butterbeer moves magically across the ceiling through copper pipes."

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Wednesday May 12 2021. Harry Potter fans will be able to grab an official goblet of Butterbeer next month at the Harry Potter New York flagship store. As you can imagine, New York fans are as.

Harry Potter And Butterbeer Are Heading To The Big Apple

An iconic beverage from the wizarding world will soon be readily available in the Flatiron District. amNewYork Metro got a look inside the new Harry Potter New York store's upcoming Butterbeer Bar.

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The Butterbeer Bar will serve would-be wizards and muggles a choice of Butterbeer on draft, Butterbeer ice cream, and bottled Butterbeer. Harry Potter New York's Butterbeer Bar,.